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  • Can everyone use Raymedy at any time? #
    Only in the event of (certain or suspected) pregnancy and the use of a pacemaker should you seek advice from your Raymedy professional, to see whether it is wise for you to undergo our thermographic scan or treatment with our electronic raymedies. Light therapy should not be applied to the face or the eyes when there is a history with epileptic seizures.
  • Can I feel the treatments? #
    A majority of patients experience the effects of treatment immediately as a subtle sensation, such as heat, relaxation, pain relief, being able to describe the exact course of the treated meridian, etc. etc.
  • Can Raymedy solve all health issues? #
    No. Fractures, acute appendicitis, improving the quality of life of e.g. cancer patients. If tissue is irreparably damaged. Alzheimer's: with a certain degree of forgetfulness stimulation helps to improve short term memory. Alzheimer's itself cannot be cured with our methods. Serious hereditary conditions cannot be resolved with a frequency.
  • How is Traditional Chinese Medicine used? #
    The philosophical principle of the Five Elements is an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) [1]. This theory describes the growth and development processes in nature and the human body: germination, growth, flowering, harvest, disintegration are essential steps to renewal. For each stage, the characteristics and related behavioural, emotional and health aspects are described. Raymedy uses these universal process descriptions in its software and methods to evaluate the regulation by the meridians, as input in treatment protocols and to draw up treatment plans. The metaphors from the five-elements theory also provide insight into human behaviour, temperament and sensitivity to conditions.
  • What are the advantages compared to acupuncture? #
    The advantages of Raymedy for the patient:
    • The Raymedy method does not use needles, it is non-invasive, so to speak, does not hurt, making it particularly suitable for children.
    • With light, magnetic field and current, energy is added, which is conducted to the cells through the meridian network.
    • It adds energy and information to the system so more is achieved with people with little energy.
    Advantages for professionals:
    • A considerably shorter training period as compared with pulse and tongue diagnosis. You can return to work immediately after completing the course and start practicing.
    • Treatment can be delegated. Acupuncture needles have to be applied very accurately, to within the millimetre, requiring extremely high sensitivity from the acupuncturist. The Raymedy treatment device does not need to be placed very accurately. That means an assistant can perform the treatments without needles.
    • The system always offers supporting knowledge. This means you can learn on the job.
  • What is colour therapy and how does it work? #
    Light therapy is a specific treatment approach using different wavelengths of light , i.e. different colours to treat specific disorders, such as pain, sleep, skin and mood disorders.
  • What is the difference with bioresonance and traditional electro-acupuncture? #
    Traditional electro-acupuncture (EAV) and bioresonance have been used successfully for approximately 50 years. Critics of traditional electro-acupuncture claim that the measurements are highly subjective and more of an art than a skill. Bioresonance is often used in combination with EAV. Raymedy has developed three substantial improvements that have improved the accuracy and effectiveness considerably.
    1. Thanks to our technology for everyday practice, measuring complex resistances of the meridians has become sufficiently objective and reliable. Measuring can be taught quickly and performed by practice assistants. What is more, the measurements are no longer painful. The interpretation is not as easily mastered. With illnesses, this requires an expert. Thanks to the low mechanical and electrical load, the acupuncture points and meridians are only slightly affected. They usually recover quickly from a measurement. Repeated measuring of a patient during a consultation is useful, as the meridians provide insight into the actual energetic and physiological changes caused by the treatments, without these changes resulting from burning and severe pressure from the measuring equipment, as is the case with many other devices.
    2. Treatment with coloured light impulses, pulsating magnetic fields and microcurrent. Raymedy uses the entire non-ionising, low-energetic energy spectrum. Our signals have the characteristic of being resonance-frequency patterns that restore the energy and coherence of the complex systems that make up the human body.
    3. Rapid response thermography scan. The best electroceuticals to use can be looked up automatically. The signals with the most energising or harmonising effects on vegetative regulation are recognised automatically. These signals make the best connections with receptors in the body which, when activated, contribute to recovery.
  • What is the difference with healing sound therapy? #
    The raymedys can also be given in the form of sound waves. In practice we found that to give the frequencies as micro-current and pulsating magnetic field has far better therapeutic effects.
  • What is the difference with medication? #
    With energy medicine you do not add artificial substances to the system. The patient does not need to take drugs, that often also have harmful effects. Combinations of drugs will often have unknown effects.
  • What is the difference with other light therapies? #
    We developed specific colour sequences for each dermatome, meridian, organ and symptom, detox problem, etc. We also use single colours in the same way as is applied in classic colour therapy, but with the colour sequences we greatly expanded the efficacy and efficiency.
  • Where is my dashboard? #
    The dashboard will appear once you have logged in on our website under the ‘account’ tab. If the dashboard does not appear, please contact your account manager. The dashboard for projects will be made available online to all our clients during the course of 2014.

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